Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stranger Danger

Last Friday, I took the princess to Trader Joe's with me for the first time.  She appeared to savor the experience by sleeping the entire time.  And one employee commented on the fact that she was still asleep about 3 times whenever I happened to pass her in the store.  She enjoyed sharing it with other employees who did not share in her enthusiasm of my sleeping baby.  Weird.  

Anyway, I managed to leave with a few treats...I accidentally went to the store hungry which is never a good idea.  
Creamy dark chocolate with the tiniest of peppermint flakes?  Gone.  I may or may not have averaged around 4 per day.  Lucky for me, the King didn't notice these little gems until there were only 2 left!
I have big plans for these guys.  In fact, I am so confident that the recipe I want to make with these will be so delicious that I wish I had gotten more!  

And in other good news, I managed not to give my baby away in the process of shopping.  I said excuse me to a woman by the vegetable case so that I could reach in and grab what I thought were sweet potato fries...when she said "I'll do anything if you want to give me that baby".  I was shocked!  I told her that "my baby was not for sale, unfortunately".  I must have made a weird face though, because she appeared embarrassed and mumbled something about being a grandma and how it forces her to say such things.  It was still an odd thing to say and I'm pretty sure being a grandma does not excuse those comments.  If anything she should know better.  And to top it all off, I guess I was so distracted by her comment that I didn't realize I was getting butternut squash instead of sweet potato fries.  Ugh.

We had another run in with a stranger last week.  This time it was during an outing to Target.  I had the unfortunate experience of having a stranger touch the princess!  I had her in the baby bjorn type carrier because I feel that having her attached to me will discourage such unwanted touching.  A woman in the return line complimented her socks that look like shoes.  I said thank you and jokingly asked if both socks were still on her feet (haven't lost any yet!).  The woman (also a grandma), took this as an invitation to reach out and grab the princess' foot.  Again, I'm pretty sure I responded with a dirty look and turned away.  Momma bear will bite.  Back off.

The other odd baby compliment I received from a stranger came on Halloween when a parent of some trick-or-treaters told us that seeing the Princess made "her ovaries twitch".  I wasn't sure whether to graciously say thank you and accept that as a compliment, or slam the door in her face and put the house up for sale STAT.  We went with the former for now.  It seemed like the cheaper option in this case.  I mean, we can be honest...she was pretty stinkin' cute that day:
But there is really not a need to include your reproductive organs in a compliment.  Ever.

Strangers = Dangers.  Especially when there is a baby involved!

Any good suggestions for how to discourage strangers from touching a baby?

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  1. I pretty much had to ban myself from the peppermint Jo-Jo's. I destroy them! Luckily, or so I thought...I was in the clear since I don't work near a TJ's anymore and never get to go anymore, but then Whole Foods across the street from my office now carries their version! I have avoided so far..but don't think I can make it until Christmas!