Monday, December 10, 2012

Stink Eye

On Friday, we went to my former job (at an elementary school) to show the princess off.  She was definitely a hit.  An entire second grade class swarmed her stroller as soon as we walked in the door.  I'm really hoping she got a lot of my immunities from working in a school!  I'm pretty sure I could feel a hefty cloud of germs swallow us up as we passed through the front door.

I was hoping that she would sleep through the visit so I could ward off the games of "Pass-the-baby", but of course she woke up right away and was passed around like a hot-potato.  Much to my relief, everyone was cooperative and used purell before handling her.  I hope that stuff works!  Thankfully, someone was able to rock her to sleep and I was able to safely stowe her away in her stroller again.  

But, every new person that she meets gets the stink eye while she sizes them up.  It is an all out stare down and usually lasts about 5 minutes or until they make ridiculous faces at her to elicit a smile.  And then she decides that they might not be all that bad.  

The eyes/brows look something like this:

+ lips like this
(Duck face- Full House who *FUN FACT* was also Dakota Stanley on Glee!  Who knew?)

Look out world!  Contrary to popular belief, she is not imitating a face that the King or I have turned on her.  I'm fairly certain this is all her own doing and may show a glimpse of her personality shining through.  Nothing could make me prouder at this stage in her young life.  I am hoping she will be this skeptical of strangers always.  She is not one to be easily impressed, which is excellent news to the parents of a little lady growing up this day in age.  It will serve her well when she is allowed to date at the age of 35 (I kid).  And to any future potential suitors out there-she usually needs a well lit meal or fart noises and fish faces to turn from stink eye to smiles.  Any guy should be so lucky!

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  1. I don't think we saw this fish face - we need another visit ASAP! Imagining my class picking up my baby fills me with terror.