Wednesday, December 19, 2012


As an obnoxious teenager, I had a thing for bubbles.  The word was fun to say and bubbles were fun to play with.  I liked the word so much that I used it in my first AOL screenname/email address.  That is how much I like bubbles.

So when this recipe for "Bubble Pizza" popped up on pinterest last week, you better believe I was trying it and ASAP!  It was easy too!  You break up buttermilk biscuits, mix them with pizza ingredients, top it with cheese and pop it in the oven!  I used regulation pizza ingredients...sauce, cheese, and pepperoni, but I'm pretty sure it would be okay to get a little crazy with toppings.
Friday night, being pizza night in the Royal household, this was easy and delicious!  I gave the King and I sizeable portions:
And he went back to the pan and finished the entire thing.  I think it was a winner!  

In other bubbles...
The princess' latest party trick is blowing a ridiculous amount of bubbles.  In this case she even made it look like a Santa bubble beard!  See the resemblance?
 She got to meet Santa on Saturday and she was totally cool with it.  I'm pretty sure she asked him for diapers and wipes...and milk if he has time.

In any case, bubbles are fun.  Bubble Pizza and bubble beards included.


  1. I love her outfit for meeting Santa! Little girl clothes are so much more fun than little boy clothes. That was very brave of you to introduce them at such an early age. Harrison is very cranky with basically everyone other than Dave and I, so I figured having a large, bearded man hold him would have to wait a year or two.

    1. She was practically asleep when she met Santa. I'm pretty sure next year she will be far too aware of such a scary man holding her, so maybe we'll time it for naptime! Could mean disaster if she woke up though. It would be super cute to have a pic of your little guy in his Santa suit with Santa. Maybe you could have Dave dress up? : )

  2. Another winner recipe that I need to try asap. Also Casi commented on my blog with a cheddar bacon beer bread recipe and I really need to make that. I love her outfit too! That skirt is way too cute.

    1. And that sounds amazing. I may need that recipe also.