Thursday, December 13, 2012

3 months!

I can't believe it has been 3 months already!  Ask me again tonight when we're trying to put the princess to sleep and I'll believe you.  Or wonder if it's been a heck of a lot longer!

And yesterday, she giggled for the first time.  I'm using "giggle" loosely here.  There was sound coming out of her when she was smiling.  It's definitely something to work on!


  1. Omg how cute!! 1 and 2 months are both cute, but the 3 month picture is prob my favorite. Harrison is definitely ready to meet his beautiful girlfriend haha

    Also, I thought of you today because some lady at the post office was all up in Harrison's business, and said "If my hands weren't so cold, I would touch your little face" and I wanted to be like... no, lady, you will not.

    1. Thanks! The post office is such a terrible place because you're just waiting there in line all vulnerable! Strangers just need to resist the urge. Seriously.

  2. I LOVE the two month where she is sticking her tongue out (I think?). I can't believe it's been three months either! Crazy the difference there is between just one month and three months.