Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pretzel Bread

So it all stemmed from this:
And then that beautiful loaf of amazingly easy pretzel bread morphed into a dinner full of  love...and bacon for Valentine's Day.  Pretty sure nothing says "I love you" like bacon.  
Cheddar bacon grilled cheese on pretzel bread.

From there, I was able to take my pretzel bread to the next level.  The ultimate food love of my life.
Croutons (and more on the soup later).

My sister came in for a visit this weekend.  She left today and I was so sad to see her go.  We had tons of fun and she babysat the Princess on Saturday night so the King and I could have a proper V-day date.  When we came home from said date, my kid was bathed and sound asleep.  My house was picked up and wiped down.  When she left today, she washed her own bedding and towels, and took out all of her garbage.  She also ran and emptied my dishwasher at least twice while she was here and changed countless diapers for me.  She is amazing.  I am pretty sure I should have made her 3 loaves of this bread instead of just the one.  And maybe kissed her feet.

This is the recipe I used:  Bread machine pretzel bread.  I was sort afraid of the braiding part , but the dough was fabulous to work with.  I will be making this again!


  1. Pretzel Rolls are yet another thing that Wegmans makes a delicious version of. Your sister's visit sounds awesome, and you are very lucky that you got to go on a Vday Date! And also lucky that she basically acted as your house maid/nanny. Can you send her over here next? :)

  2. Great thanks a lot Hayley you've really set the "aunt" bar pretty high now haven't you? On a related note I will need you to immediately get a divorce and marry me just so you can cook for me.