Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mythical Diagnosis...

I must be doing an okay job at this whole mom thing because last weekend I spent an hour of my time in urgent care being diagnosed with what sounds like a mythical disease-Mother's thumb.  I have had severe pain in my right thumb for a few weeks and when I woke up on Saturday my whole hand was throbbing.  I had to wake the King up because there was no way I could even lift the Princess out of her crib.  The doctor in urgent care had to look it up on her iPhone.  It was very comforting.  But, it seemed a fitting diagnosis for what I've got going on.  It apparently happens as my body continues to get rid of all those blessed pregnancy hormones and my tendons return to an un-stretchy state.

De Quervain's syndrome, also known as "Washer Woman's Sprain", just means I am working too hard at this stay-at-home mom stuff.  Therefore, I rely on ice, advil, a stylish thumb splint and Wegmans to help me get the rest I require to heal.  Wegmans provides excellent pre-chopped meat and vegetables so I can whip up something as delicious as this with little effort or strain.
The King declared this to be one of his favorites...a good chunky soup.  

Here are some chunks:
Make this soup:  Slow-cooked beef minestrone.  And do yourself and your thumbs a favor and buy their beef stew meat that comes pre-chopped!

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