Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brunch Eggs x 2

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of being invited to not one, but TWO days of brunch!  That is a major win in my book.  I love to brunch.  I love any excuse to eat period.

Somehow, I got stuck making egg dishes both days.  I always struggle to find a good egg dish that tastes delicious, will feed many, and travel well.  So I decided to experiment.

Saturday's egg dish went a little something like this:
Breakfast Omelette Casserole.  It has EVERYTHING-a crescent roll crust, topped with hash brown potatoes, a dozen eggs, bacon, and topped with cheese for good measure.  The King voted this one his favorite.  It sounds strange, but I felt the flavor was lacking.  If I make this one again, I will be sure to season the potatoes and eggs really well with salt and pepper.

Sunday's eggs were vegetarian.  We were running behind that day, so I didn't manage a picture.  It was a Spinach, Feta, and Tomato Quiche.  It had a phyllo dough crust with feta, spinach, red onion, and tomatoes topped with a couple eggs.  This one had the flavor I was looking for!  This one got my vote.  

So, if someone puts you in charge of eggs for your next brunch gathering, I guess you can't go wrong with either of these recipes!

Where you can go wrong is sitting babies too close to one another on the couch.  Apparently, the Princess needed something to hang onto.  Poor kid didn't even see it coming...

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  1. I feel like you are so much more of a real adult than me in this post because I think I have literally never once been invited to a brunch and I don't see it happening anytime soon. I guess it could be because my morning events generally involve friends meeting to torture ourselves by running for hours. That quiche does look good though!