Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5 months new...

It just gets better and better.  Although, she did decide to wake up in the 3am hour to celebrate this morning.  This is sort of terrifying to me because I hadn't seen a 3 on the clock in the middle of the night in a good three weeks.  Having recently mastered the art of rolling back to tummy, she cannot stop moving.  Which is sort of surprising because everytime she rolls onto her tummy, she hates it!  She just did it in her crib for the first time today, and I am dreading what that means for all of us sleeping tonight.  

We have had such feeding issues that it is amazing to have picture proof that my kid is gaining weight!  And she is so dang happy.  My new favorite thing is when I get her in a fit of giggles and she just cannot stop laughing.  It surprises me the things that she finds funny-high fiving, the word "goo", and moving tissue paper.

She is reaching out and grabbing things more and more often, as can be seen by her attempting the "happy baby" yoga pose in her 5 month picture.  I just recently got punched in the eye with a fistful of my own hair and found it pretty hilarious, actually.  

Since lack of sleep and mommy brain have seriously impacted my memory, thank you for reading this sappy baby progress post so that I will have written documentation of what my kid was doing at this point in her young life if I ever choose to look back!

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  1. I stared at that picture progression for so long! She is just so adorable! I think Harrison is doing that same pose in his sixth month picture - I need to come back and visit and see some of these giggles myself!