Sunday, November 25, 2012


Based on PC's (Princess Crouton) reaction to Christmas lights:
Or lights in general, the King and I knew that we had to take her to our local Botanical Garden's "Winter Walk of Lights".  We went last night and she managed to keep her eyes open for all of 10 minutes.  Translation-she was impressed.
Her eyes were open here, but due to the shock of the flash, she closed them.  But, as you can see, she is having a blast!  It was pretty chilly out so it was a brisk walk through the illumination displays.  She managed to stay warm and snuggly in her carseat approved fleece sack.  We hope she may be more suitably impressed next year.  It could become a Crouton family tradition...

Another Christmas tradition I have been working really hard on is a Christmas Book Advent Calendar.  According to Pinterest this is what it should look like:
I am clearly relying heavily on pinterest for many of my holiday dry brining my Thanksgiving turkey.  I am really hoping that the Christmas Book Advent Calendar turns out a little better than the turkey!  How can you go wrong with books?

My family, my own bookshelf, and Amazon have been helping me collect a ridiculous number of Christmas books to unwrap.  Here's the rundown of what I have at this point.  While she may not understand it just yet, it's a fun tradition to have for when she does.

21.  Snow

This list is subject to change.  

Are there any glaringly obvious ones that I am missing?

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  1. That's a pretty awesome idea although it sounds like a lot of work. It's not a Christmas book but I love the Night Before Thanksgiving. It could always be opened early or saved for next year!