Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fake Out

So this morning PC decided that she would fake me out with her pathetic cries to signal that she was awake.  So just when I was up and at 'em, I opened her bedroom door to find her sound asleep again.  I watched her for a few minutes on the monitor to see if she would stir, before making good use of my time.  I showered, threw some clothes on (to run the garbage out to the truck with wet hair), even put a little make-up on, and ate breakfast all before the princess really deigned to open her eyes.  And then we got this:
So glad the extra shut-eye was worth it!

Maybe she gets her faking out abilities from me.  I like to pretend I am crafty...the Queen Mother has it down pat, so compared to her, I am a real novice.  Without work, I am seriously channeling my attempts at creativity into the nesting department.  I enjoy attempting cheap, easy things like this to liven up the place:
Some salt in the bottom made to look like fresh fallen snow with fresh cranberries on top.  The cranberries were $5 for 2 bags and it took all of 7 minutes to dump everything together.  I'd say that is a steal of a deal for how pretty they look.  And added bonus- the King will not eat this display being that it is fruit (made that mistake when I decorated with candy corn and peppermint candies)!  

I even had enough cranberries leftover to do this:
I am slightly concerned that they may go bad-that would be my luck in the crafty department, but for now they are lookin' festive!

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