Monday, November 26, 2012

Honey Beer Bread

So with Thanksgiving done and over and Christmas cookies looming in the very near future...there is a lot of soup on the menu for this week!  And while we are being healthy by eating soup, we need something to mop up those last delicious bites.  This quick and easy honey beer bread has fast become a household favorite.  In fact, I now have to make 2 loaves and freeze one so that we always have some on hand for the King!  I could tell him we were having kale, spinach, vegetable broth soup (or something equally as disgusting) as long as I said it was being served with beer bread, he'd be all in ready and waiting with a spoon.  Last night, it was served up with Baked Potato Soup.  The King went back for seconds, so it must not be disgusting.  Just don't tell him that the soup is secretly made with cauliflower AND potato thereby increasing it's healthy quotient.  We'll keep that our little secret.  

If you're naturally skinny and don't have to worry about your waistline, you are not my favorite.  But it has been recommended to me that you slather this bread in butter (oh wait it already is!) and coat it in a cinnamon sugar layer to make it taste like a beer bread donut.    Yum.  Or you can always add a cup of cheese.  Everything is better with cheese.

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  1. I'm really glad we both chose to post about how disgusting kale is today. As you may recall, Eric also loves beer bread and would be thrilled to just eat a loaf for dinner by itself. This post is official my menu next week - thanks!