Monday, January 7, 2013

Senseless Acts of Cheese-less-ness

In case you missed me...I have been busy going from stay-at-home mom to getting a part-time job.  My time at the computer has been spent setting up interviews, gathering references, sending information for background checks and paperwork instead of writing blog posts.  Boorrring.  Now we can all wonder fear what will happen to my blogging when I actually start working again.  Only time will tell...

In the time that we've been apart, aside from my job search, I have been committing to senseless acts of cheese-less-ness.  Why, you might ask?  Because, as it happens, this week our cheese drawer in the fridge was actually EMPTY.  The shock!  The horror!  
This is SO incredibly rare.  I usually buy at least 2 kinds of cheese each week at the store.  A typical day involves eggs with cheese for breakfast, soup with Parmesan cheese on top for lunch, and typically Mexican, Italian or a salad with cheese in it, around it, and on top of it for dinner.  Cheese breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Cheese is the best, although probably not the healthiest...My proclamation to go without cheese sent the King into a panic as he has given up sugar and was relying on my cheesy comfort foods to get him through.

So far, we are making it.  The King seems pleased and not so hungry.

Saturday- Take-out from a pizza place.  I got boneless wings and a salad with ranch dressing (normally this would be blue cheese) and made myself a buffalo chicken salad.

Sunday- Betty's Shepard's Pie  (without cheese or the weird pasta in the Hamburger Helper, but with the help of Wegmans pre-made whipped mashed potatoes)
Monday- Chicken Tikka Masala (kind of a lot of effort, but soooo good!)
Thankfully, these meals have been able to provide comfort without cheese!  So we'll be dining on leftovers for the next few nights.

I guess this is the best cheese I'll get this week! 


  1. Wow a life without cheese? A bold move. I love cheese so much. Maybe I should try the tikka masala recipe - I made chicken taco soup tonight and was not impressed! I'm confused though - how is ranch better for you? It certainly is inferior in taste.

  2. I gave up the cheese in the blue cheese dressing : ( And ranch was definitely inferior in taste. Agreed.