Friday, January 25, 2013

Mushy bananas and other entertainment...

It seemed that fate had a plan for me on these bitterly cold, snowy days this week.  I got stuck with a bowl full of mushy bananas.  So when a recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Bread  popped into my Google Reader, I knew it had to be made.  I was missing a couple of the ingredients.  But when the windchill around here is in the single digits, you better believe that I am not heading outside.  So I got creative.  

No buttermilk?  No problem.  A Tablespoon of white vinegar + milk until you hit the cup line.

No brown sugar?  One Tablespoon molasses + 1 cup sugar. Super fluffy, fresh brown sugar.  Done.
I made 4 mini loaves 36 hours ago and let's just say 2 of them are gone.  No way of telling that creative substitution was involved!

Also being stuck in the house for days on end with no one to talk to besides your infant, can cause you to get creative for entertainment.  We tried the Michelle Obama chunky bang on for size.  
Not for us.


  1. Things like this make me so wish I were the type of person who could keep things like chocolate chips on hand, rather than eat handfuls each night until they are gone. That combo is seriously the best! I love her little haircut! That picture is extra cute. Is she sitting up like a big girl?

  2. That face!! And what a stylish girl! :)

  3. I have been locked inside the past few days too. I ventured out into the cold yesterday because we were totally out of food, but other than that, I've been avoiding the outdoors like the plague. I think her haircut is adorable! And just the fact that she has all that hair is soo cute, I'm jealous!