Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pretzels + Chicken = Yum.

So I'm pretty sure that science says that any salty snack food that has an additional salty powder coating  is highly addictive and the nutrition label should read for one serving.  Because that's pretty much how it is going to go down.  

Last week, I bought Snyder's of Hanover pretzel pieces that were hot wing and buttermilk ranch flavored in the SAME bag. That bag probably should have been labeled crack.  

As soon as I had my first serving...aka half the bag, I realized something needed to be done.  I needed to use as many of these pretzel pieces as possible in some sort of meal and stat to prevent inhaling them in one sitting.  

This recipe for pretzel coated chicken had been lingering around my pinterest food board for some time and was begging to be made.  Done and done.

And it turned out delicious!  I may have definitely double dipped the chicken in the sauce and pretzels to ensure an additional crack coating on my chicken.  I served it on a bed of baby arugula/spinach aside some roasted potatoes.

For anyone doubting the combination of hot wing/ranch with honey mustard, it all worked out just fine and my taste buds thanked me.

Salty snacks are serious business.


  1. I had to ban myself from buying those pretzels years ago because I would kill the entire bag in minutes. She is so cute in that picture! Seriously looking so much older these days!

  2. Minus the Ranch part - sounds soo good!Nora looks like a judge laying down the law in court :) too cute!