Wednesday, May 15, 2013

8 Months

things to know about the Princess at 8 months:
1.  Feed me:  Gerber Puffs Apple Cinnamon flavor.  There was a day when she wouldn't eat anything else thanks to those swollen gums! 
2.   Sing to me:  Still 5 Little Ducks.  Lord help us.  We need a new song : )
3.  Favorite toys this month include anything she can chew that will give her relief from her two front teeth coming in...still waiting for them to break through...
4.  Read me Sandra Boynton or sliding surprise books.
5.  Peek-a-boo is still the name of the game.  She instigated a round all by herself with a bag of cheese today at Wegmans!
6.  She enjoys babbling more and more.  The sound we hear the most is "dada", much to the King's excitement.
7.  She is learning to wave and will wave to herself.  She is still not consistent at doing it at the appropriate time, however.
8.  This girl loves to move (can you tell in this month's shot?).  Hold her hands and walk and she will fast lead you to where she wants to go.  She was even cruising around her play yard last night and gave an attempt at the stairs with LOTS of support.  Still falls flat on her belly when it comes to crawling though!  

I know I say it every month, but it is so hard to believe that the Princess is getting so big!  I love just looking at how much her smile has changed.  She just started doing this super cute smile where she closes her eyes and sticks her tongue through her smile.  Too. Cute.  Still trying to capture that on film!

Wegmans peek-a-boo shennanigans.


  1. That last picture is SO CUTE! You need to make the first one bigger or send it to me so I can fully appreciate it!

  2. Agree w/ Alyssa - I need a bigger pic too!

    Love this girl because even at only 8 months she know the importance of cheese!

    Peek-a-boo, cheese! I Love you!