Saturday, April 13, 2013

7 months

*Please note that due to my camera angle, the Princess looks a little giant in her 6 month pic.  She seems to be doing something in the teething department-not sure what yet, but I took advantage of a smiley period yesterday afternoon.

7 things to know about the Princess at 7 months:
1.  Favorite food:  Apples.  Apples mixed with anything.  Frozen in her mesh feeder.  Or straight up.
2.  Favorite Stories:  Easter Surprise by Catherine Stock or anything by Sandra Boynton.
3.  Favorite Songs:  "Five Little Monkeys", "Five Little Ducks" and "On Top of Spaghetti".  Oh, and Mexican accoridan music, also known as Norteno.  She bounces and squeals for these tunes.
4.   Rolls all over and occasionally uses her hands to push herself backwards.  She seems very confused by this movement because she seems to be reaching for something in front of her and then instead of moving towards the object as she intends, she winds up further away.
5.  She loves to be in a standing her jungle gym/in her playpen/at the coffee table and is beginning to hold on by herself.
6.  Champion sleeper.  She just started sleeping without a dreamfeed from 7:30-7ish with only a few pacifier wake up calls.  Although, the morning wake-up squeal is starting to come earlier and earlier...
7.  Socks make the best toys.  Throwing things off the top of her jungle gym is also way fun. 

I love her chubby baby cheeks and her little dimpled elbows.  I die.  And apparently, I skipped a 6 month this sappy mommy post more than makes up for it!  Thanks for suffering through.


  1. She is SO CUTE! I love hearing about her likes and dislikes. She does look like she shrunk from her 6 month to her 7 month picture, ha. We don't have to worry about that with Harrison, Vince's head would explode before he would allow that.

  2. hahah "Vince's head would explode before he would allow that" its SO TRUE. Sometimes I try to select a photo where Harrison's hand is in the air, or something crazy, and he adamantly denies me.

    Why is every baby a champion sleeper besides mine?

  3. Such a cutie!! How did you even discover the love for Norteno??