Monday, July 25, 2011

Bread Salad!

All of my traveling and lazing around the house this summer is starting to catch up with my health and my hips.  I decided to make a concentrated effort to ingest only salad at lunch these past couple weeks before I jet set off on another adventure with some truly amazing and exotic food. 

I spent an hour chopping, and shredding, and dicing the various components of a salad.  As I ate that salad throughout the week, I ate less and less.  I would do my best to eat what I could, but about halfway through it would become unbearable to eat another bite.  I hate salads.  Or…I hated salads until I tried this Greek Panzanella by Ina Garten.  Thank you Barefoot Contessa (and thanks to my mid-western friend that shared her Barefoot Contessa cookbooks with me)!  And panzanella being a “bread salad”, this salad is all about the sautéed bread…or in reality-croutons!  I should have known that was what I needed to find in a salad to be happy eating it.  Thank goodness for croutons.

What's in your favorite salad?


  1. You need to try Goddess dressing at Trader Joes - it makes salads amazing. I also like banana peppers and raisins in mine, sweet potatoes are good too. I've been looking for lunch ideas, maybe I'll try this salad! Interesting it doesn't have any greens?

  2. No greens of any kind. It's all the best parts of a salad!